Privacy Policy

Welcome to our Privacy Policy. It's very important for us to keep you informed on how we handle and keep your data safe. This policy will give you information on:

- What kind of personal data we collect
- How we collect your personal data
- Why we collect your personal data
- How long do we keep your data
- Your privacy rights

1. Who we are

1.1 MEDITOUR IKE with Τax ID Number 801522662 (Tax Office of Athens).

1.2 This privacy policy issued on behalf of the website MEDITOUR IKE is the data controller (the one responsible and in charge for the data). So when we say 'we', 'us', or 'our' in this policy we are actually talking about MEDITOUR IKE.

2. How to contact us

2.1 If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at:

Telephone: +306947324359

2.2 Please include your name and the relevant appointment. If you don't provide that information, it's absolutely fine and we will then, treat your request as if the question relates directly to the company.

3. What types of personal information we collect

3.1 The data we collect depends on our business conduct. Having that in mind we collect the following data:

1. Registration/Appointment information on the website:

a. Full name, mailing address, phone number, user (registration) date created
b. Nationality, date of birth and country, nationality, city
c. Information related to your medical appointment (date, appointment price)
d. Personal characteristics
e. Medical history (uploaded by the user)
f. Marketing and communication preferences

2. Website

When visiting our website our relevant privacy policy as stated at applies. Additionally we collect personal data when you fill and submit our electronic contact form, when you make an appointment using our online booking platform and when you subscribe to our newsletter.

3. Social media

If you choose to participate in Dentour social media activities or offerings, we may collect certain information from your social media account consistent with your settings within the social media service, such as location, check-ins, activities, interests, photos, comments, status updates and friend list. We may also allow you to enter into contests to provide photos, such as of your appointment with us, which you may share with your connections on social media for votes, shared offers or other promotions.

4. Why we collect your data?

1. To manage your medical appointments according to your booking requests and provide our services under our contractual obligations
2. To know you better and provide optimized and customized services for maximum convenience and security
3. Archiving purposes that may facilitate you in future queries 4. For safety and security
5. To provide information to the competent authorities, as required by the law
6. For direct marketing purposes as allowed by the law. You may opt out at all times

5. Our rules for collecting your data

1. We only use the data for the agreed lawful reason and for the time it's needed
2. We meet the GDPR requirements and in the country where we provide you with a service via our website or our applications
3. We keep data that we're legally required to have on record
4. We fully explain why we need the data and how we'll use it (unless we have legitimate reason not to)
5. We check and update privacy information on a regular basis (we might also cross-check the data against other database to make sure it's correct)
6. We do not share data with anyone unless we have a legal or legitimate reason, or we have permission from you or if you are a child under 16 from your parents

6. We may share your personal data

Categories of data recipients:

1. Doctors according to your appointment.

2. Official authorities under a legal obligation like:

a. Following a legal obligation or authoritative enforcement of any kind
b. Courts, governmental authorities and related regulatory bodies

3. Our vendors like:

a. Payment service providers
b. IT service providers
c. Marketing service providers
d. Legal consultants, accountants, auditors

4. With any third party subject to your consent

7. How long do we hold your data?

We retain personal information about you for the period necessary to deliver our lawful processing activities as outlined in this Privacy Policy or as required or permitted by applicable law or otherwise lawfully justified. At any time the user has the right to delete the user profile.

The criteria used to determine our retention periods include:

- Whether there is a legal obligation to which we are subject (for example, certain laws require us to keep records of your transactions for a certain period of time before we can delete them)
- Whether retention is advisable considering our legal position (such as, for statutes of limitations, litigation or regulatory investigations)
- Our relationship prospects

In the event you request to delete your data to delete any information concerning you before the set retention periods (when applicable), we may not be able to do so for technical, legal, regulatory or contractual constraints. Your information will be retained in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations as well as for analysis, to prevent fraud, collect any remaining amount of money owed, and to resolve disputes.

We will destroy your personal information as soon as possible and in a non-restorable, non re- identifiable manner.

8. Your rights over your data

8.1 You have the right to:

1. Access all personal data you provide to us, in electronic form free of charge
2. Obtain rectification of any inaccurate or outdated data, or to complete any incomplete data
3. Receive or ask us to provide you or transmit your data in common format
4. Delete your personal data, provided we have no legal obligation to do otherwise
5. Ask for the restriction of any data processing activities
6. Submit a complaint to the Greek Data Protection Authority. You can see further information on their webpage (

8.2 All rights can be exercised by submitting a written request via email free of charge (

8.3 Our designated officer will respond to your request within thirty (30) calendar days.

9. Complaints about our behavior

9.1 You have the right to complain if you don't feel MEDITOUR IKE is living up to our responsibilities when it comes to your data.

9.2 We take your complaint very serious. You can contact us on this We will send you a confirmation within 5 days and do our very best to deal with the issue within 30 days. If the issue is difficult or requires a lot of work it may take longer, but we will keep you updated.

9.3 You always have the right to complain to the authorities as well, but because we take privacy matters very seriously, we would really appreciate it, if you would talk to us. You can complain about:

1. How your personal data has been processed
2. How your request for access to data has been handled
3. How your complaint has been handled
4. Appeal against any decision made following a complaint

10. How we communicate with you

10.1 If you have given us your contact information (email address or phone number), we may want to inform you in accordance with any preferences you have expressed, and with your consent where required, about our services or send you Christmas wishes or send you our news, promotions and offers via email, online advertising, social media, WhatsApp, telephone, text message (including SMS and MMS), postal mail, our customer service call center, and other means.

10.2 If you prefer not to receive email-marketing materials from us, you may opt-out at any time by sending us an email at any time using the following contact details:

11. Changes to our Privacy Policy

From time to time we may make changes to this Policy. This might be in relation to changes in the law, best practice, changes to the services we provide or collection and use of your personal information. We will always display clearly when the Policy was last updated and where appropriate, notify you of any relevant changes.

12. Contact

If you would like to get in touch with us, please contact: